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We Are Professional Drainage Company

  • DrainJet offers a service whereby we clean pipes and not just
    remove the blockage
  • DrainJet is fast, efficient and effective in removing any blockage and
    in the process cleaning the interior of the pipe or drain
  • Our jetters are used to clean sewers, drains, and industrial lines
  • They are also used in hydro-demolition, surface preparation, fiberoptic cable installation, and safe disposal of ordinance
  • DrainJet offers a variety of nozzles and accessories suitable for any
    jetting applications.
  • From grease cleaning to root cutting and to
    pressure washing
  • DrainJet has the right equipment to get the job done
  • The pressure of the Jetting machine is regulated to suit the need of
    the application
  • DrainJet also offers video footage of pipelines to determine any
    damage or just inspecting the condition of the pipeline
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