About Us

We Are A Professional Drainage Company

Drainjet is an experienced drainage company specializing in high pressure water jetting with the latest technology in jetting and surveying of drains.

Drain Jet is the manual, pump-action, high-pressure plunger designed to clear blocked drains quickly and safely, without the need for harsh chemicals or the expense of electrical high-pressure jet blasters, that can damage your waste pipe system, or calling out emergency plumbers. Whether it’s a blocked sink, bath, toilet or shower drain, Drain Jet is effective at clearing most household blockages like soap scum, trapped hair, toilet waste and more. The three specially-designed adaptors will accommodate most plug-holes and toilet U-bends and, because you control the amount of air pressure, you can apply just enough to remove the blockage but not so much that can damage seals and pipe connections.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Drains

Company Mission

We do provide high quality service; this is done through effective communication channels with the client, the suppliers and our people at every level.

Why Choose Us

  • Our high pressure water jetting sets the standard in the high pressure water jetting industry
  • Our equipment is engineered to be reliable and profitable.
  • Our trailer and truck-mounted jetters are available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks, and other equipment
  • Our Jetter’s are used to clean sewers, drains, and industrial lines. They are also used in surface preparation, fiber-optic cable installation and safe disposal of ordinance
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